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Congratulations to my niece Alisha, CSUDH Graduate!

Sloppy's family photos! Borrowed her mom's camera and found a spot in a tight crowd to get this one!


Sloppy's News.

5/23/16 Offering Baseball/Softball All-Star Packages, Canvases. 

All-Stars. In the lefthand column there's a recent blog post which details what I'm offering for All-Star Teams this summer. I understand that I'm not cheap, I also understand that not everyone thinks my photos are "all that". Some people are content to photograph their kids with a phone camera through chain link. That's fine, but for you real photo lovers, I get you. I put a lot of hours into my photo projects. Every time I post a gallery I want to be proud of my work. I also believe in over-delivering, and you have come to expect no less. When you pass out a team set of Sloppy's Collages or sit down for a 10 minute slideshow, I want YOU to be proud also. These are your memories, and years from now when you can't remember it all, photos will shape your memory. Make them great.

Canvases. I have a list of people who want a canvas in front of me on a post it on my monitor. I don't like offering them in rapid buy-now-or-miss-out batches. I don't llike guessing how many I'll need. If you want one let me know and when they are on sale for me I will order one for you. 

3/17/2016 Easier Plan to Have Me Out, Individual Session as low as $75.

THE biggest barrier for people who want to hire me is they can't get everyone on a team to pitch in. I get it, not everyone sees the value. So here's the scoop, I will shoot YOUR individual session for $150 and take off $25 for every other parent who wants in, up to $75 off. If you want me to shoot your kid, and you get just two other parents onboard, it's $100 each. Get a fourth (or more) and it's just $75 each. That includes special attention to those kids, the editing with Photoshopped Specials, the finished files on CD, and a Custom Collage. If you know someone on the OTHER team, that works too. No more being voted down in a Team Meeting, just find a few other Sloppy's Fans and you'll be set.  

12/28/14 Year End Notes.

I ended up doing 20 Canvases, 8 Family Photo Sessions, and 3 Killer Collages for Christmas. Looks like I need to start branching out and doing more portraiture work! I had to turn down a couple of jobs I didn't think I could get done in time for Christmas. My youngest son is playing basketball starting soon, so you'll start seeing me at the Anaheim Hills Gym a bit, where I'm sure to run into plenty of CHSA kids. I hope to get out for some high school soccer, as I know a number of coaches in the area who like my work. During the spring I will be out at plenty of soccer as both of my boys play year round. When my schedule is open I plan to hit PYLGSA, along with some Placentia Pony as always, but the only way to be sure I shoot your team is to book it. I do teams or focus on individuals. Thanks all. 

7/23/14 Canvases gone, Website update

Thanks everyone. All 20 got snapped up fast, I posted at midnight and by 10am they were all claimed. I keep a Post It on my computer with names of people who might want one during the next cycle. Send me a note if you want to be on it. Over the next few days I'll be working on the website and simplifying some things. 

07/21/14 Offering a batch of canvases this week

I'll be offering a batch of canvases this week. If you want to get a jump on it, you can direct message me. I think I'll post 20 and I expect them all to go. As far as shooting, I don't plan to shoot anything again until soccer starts up. I have plenty of stuff already shot to keep me busy. My wife is half-way through chemo and it's taking a toll on her... all of us a bit. We're hoping the next round is a little more tolerable. As far as Fall goes, I'll be setting up a few different packages. Certainly something similar to the All-Star Packages I offered last month. Hopefully a big website revision to match. 

05/09/14 Schedule is Done. New prices Coming Soon.

If I shot your team, and your photos are not yet posted, odds are your team contact has not paid me for the shoot yet. Processing a two and a half hour shoot of warm ups and a game takes me about 6 hours. This spring I started PAID BOOKINGS. The fee I charge to shoot also covers my editing time. Right now your photos are in my TO DO EVENTUALLY pile, along with no exaggeration, a hundred other games. Paying me gets you moved into the TO DO NEXT pile. 

02/13/14 Added a HIRE ME hotlink to the page.

01/27/13 Added a Package Deal, Ten 5x7's for $50. Add to your cart to initiate.

It should work for multiple galleries, although I hadn't planned for people to use it that way. If no one really uses it over the next few months, I'll just pull it. I hate offering too much and confuse people. I also added softcover books in a few sizes with varying page counts. They are much cheaper than hardback and a good way to get a pile of my photos in a nice package for an affordable price.

12/24/13 My mom passed away. Here's the tribute I put together (CLICK).

9/15/13 First Ever "News"… 

Thanks to everyone for the continued and growing support. I feel more and more there is a market for what I'm trying to do here. (Read ABOUT above.) At last count, just over 60 canvases have been printed, about 25 individual collages done, and I've delivered full sets of gifts for nearly 20 teams. 

My hobby (this isn't my daytime job) is growing and I need to evolve with it. For every hour I shoot, I spend about three hours processing the photos. Multiply that by 5-6 games on a weekend and you can see the dilemma. I could do them quicker, but I am serious about the artistic side of it… that IS why I do it after all. I have spread myself too thin and it's my own fault, part of growing I guess. I still have a big backlog of games to process. I feel that I've been covering as many kids as I can, rather than focusing on the parents who are my customers. That was a good way to spread the word, now I need to find the right mix.

Instead of shooting LOTS games for EVERYONE and processing them when I get time; I'd prefer to do FEWER games with a fast turnaround for parents who are anxious to see them. To do this I'll charge a Shooting Fee of $150. I believe serious teams and parents will welcome the idea because they become a priority and they plan to spend the money with me anyway. As an added incentive, the Shooting Fee will be applied to any Team or Individual Package. (See PACKAGES.)

Your job will be to convince your team to have me out. You can say lots of nice things about me but believe me it won't be easy, there's always a parent or two who wants to squash the idea because "they have a good camera." For this reason, my fee is very small... and when divided amongst most teams, it is less than $10 per kid.

Here's where I'm at. I plan to keep chipping away at the backlog of photos. Periodically, my Freelance Art Career takes precedence. I'm also less available this season because I am coaching my youngest son's soccer team. (I feel like I'm playing giant chess as I physically move them around the field!) As of now I have only a few shoots planned for fall. If you'd like to schedule me to shoot a game send me an email at